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Why Kids Lie and What to do About It

Contributed by Melanie Miller, M.Ed. Lying is one of those behaviors that can certainly bring up a lot of strong feelings in parents. Understanding why kids lie and what we can do as parents to decrease lying, and promote honesty, … Continue reading

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Finding (and using) your “P.O.S.” Button

By finding our “P.O.S.” (pause) button we can bring our best selves to our parenting challenges. Continue reading

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Getting our Brains and Bodies to Work Together

Hints for responding not reacting when your child (or you) “flips his/her lid.” Continue reading

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Connect Before Correct

Do you sometimes sense that you are just not getting through to your child? They just aren’t listening? How about trying an experiment:

Try Connecting Before Correcting
Kids who feel “felt” are much more likely to be able to work with you instead of against you. (This is not about negotiating, but instead about leadership with connection.) Continue reading

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