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I Can’t Believe I Did That! – And How to Make Repairs

you “know” aren’t helpful? Does it seem like “Mean Mommy” or “Dreadful Daddy” have taken over your body and you can’t help yourself? What next? Continue reading

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The Message of Love

In less than a week it is Valentine’s Day – and our culture can go a little bonkers trying to send the message of love. What is love anyway? Is it something that we save for one special day? Is it about what we give, who we are or perhaps how we “hold space” for the other person? Continue reading

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Taking care of ourselves

Like many of you I tend to “take care” of others before I begin to think about what I need or what requests I might make. So today I get to listen, once again as I talk about self-care – and see if this time I can say, “I can make a commitment to do what I need to do to make time for and take care of myself.” Will you join me? Continue reading

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