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The Pitfalls of Praise

How many times have you heard or been told that it is important to praise your children, or to “catch them being good?” This has been touted as the “recipe” for building self-esteem in our children since the 1960’s. Of course most parents want their children to have self-esteem but it isn’t working. It’s time to re-think this idea. Continue reading

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Right Now the Answer is “No”

How many times have you had one of your children ask for something that he or she really wanted – and also really wanted the answer right away? If you’re like me, it felt like taking my brain and twisting it into a pretzel for a bit. Continue reading

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Did You Hear Me?

How often do we say to our kids, “Did you hear me?” You’ve called them for dinner three times and they’re still sitting in front to the TV. You’ve asked them to not leave dirty dishes in the sink… and there they are, overflowing and not even rinsed!
Did you know that our kids often ask us this same question? Continue reading

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Parenting with the Body in Mind

We sure hear a lot these days about the brain – and brain science. When we hear the word “brain” most of us think of the soft stuff that is inside our skull. That is, in fact, our “brain.” But it turns out that our body is not just the thing that carries our brain around. Human nervous systems are incredibly complex and there is a lot of information exchanged between the brain and the rest of the body. We can use this information to help ourselves and to help our kids. Continue reading

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