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Are we there yet???

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD Part of my memory of early family vacations include very annoying choruses of, “Are we there yet?” from the back seat. In my more sarcastic moments my internal voice was saying, “Are we stopped yet?” … Continue reading

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How does your family play?

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD What comes to your mind when you think of play? Do you have childhood memories of moments of joy and reckless abandon with friends or family? Memories of giggling so hard it hurt? Or getting … Continue reading

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Contributing Kids Become Capable Kids

Contributed by Melanie Miller, M.Ed. Summer vacation is just around the corner, which could mean scheduling childcare, visits from Grandma and Grandpa, day camps and maybe even a summer camping trip for the family. It can all feel overwhelming during … Continue reading

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Building Better Bedtimes

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD Do you ever finish putting your children to bed and feel exhausted? You’ve longed for some kind of connection with them at the end of the day – and way too often it feels like … Continue reading

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