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Time Out? Time In?

The idea that a grumpy child is going to go sit somewhere and calmly think about what they “should have done” is quite preposterous. Did you? I didn’t. When I was sent to my room I spent the whole time thinking about how unfair the situation was or plotting how I was either going to make that particular parent “pay.” Just guessing, but I don’t think that was what my parents were aiming for. Continue reading

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From “Mis-takes” to Compassion

It turns out that the distinction between “I made a mistake” and “I am a mistake” is a big deal. When we make a mistake, we may feel bad, but we can learn from what we did. When we come to the erroneous conclusion that we are a mistake, that there is something wrong with us as a person or that we are defective, that becomes the main “learning.” Continue reading

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The compasses and maps of parenting

Contributed by Melanie Miller, M.Ed. I had the recent opportunity to take my daughter and her friends orienteering. Orienteering is where you use a map, compass and your powers of observation to navigate through a course of pre-set checkpoints. It’s … Continue reading

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Building Family Connections

Relationships matter. As human beings we have a deep pull toward being connected to each other. We learn about who we are in the context of social connections and those social connections change the way our brain grows neurons which, in turn, influences the way we interpret and respond to the world around us. Continue reading

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