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Self-regulation Matters

But she KNOWS better! Why does she act this way? How many times have you thought this, said it or listened to another parent share their frustration this way? And when you reflect on it, how many times have you noticed, reflecting back on one of your not-so-wonderful parenting moments that indeed YOU knew better? Join the club. Continue reading

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Non-stop Negotiation Getting You Down?

As the parent it doesn’t always feel so great when all of your positions get shaved away by your budding courtroom lawyer. It is exhausting. Setting limits firmly and still honoring the dignity of your child isn’t really hard, but it takes practice. Continue reading

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Love Remembered – Remembering Love

Contributed by Jody McVittie MD It is “that” time of year again: when the grocery stores and drug stores take on a certain shade of red. Retailers take advantage of this time of year to “celebrate” love. I believe that … Continue reading

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