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Support for your Parenting: It can make a difference

When was the last time you had one of those “bad parent days?” Maybe it was an awful fight between siblings, an extremely difficult bedtime routine that ended up with you yelling or hitting your children, or maybe you got so frustrated for another reason that you said something you wish you had never said. You flipped your lid. Then later you felt bad about it. Maybe even awful. Continue reading

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Tangled in Time

Have you heard these words recently? “We don’t have enough time to…” “I don’t have time for this.” “We are going to be late!” “It is time to…” I hear these words coming out of my own mouth and out of the mouths of many of the families I work with. I’m fascinated with the language that describes our relationship with time. I can “make time,” “spend time,” “manage time,” “have time” (or not), or… things are “time consuming” or “time-wasting.”
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Empathy or Sympathy?

Empathy conveys connection; it invites us, according to Brene Brown, “to access our own experiences to connect with the other person.” It is about “being with” instead of “fixing” or “making the other person feel better.” Continue reading

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