Letting go of summer and gearing up for the new school year ahead can be many things for children.  This transition brings up the feelings of excitement, anticipation, anxiousness and nervousness. Creating structures and routines helps the whole family deal with the change.

Here are some ideas to encourage children transition into the new school year:

  • Routines If you haven’t already made a morning routine, sit down with your child and draw it out. You are looking for progress not perfection. Each day you can ask, “How did the routine work today? What can we do tomorrow to make it even better?”.iStock_000003927517Small 2
  • Thinking through the day Have a discussion with your child, encouraging him or her to think about how to prioritize now that school has started. What happens after school? Are there days with special activities like sports teams or art classes?
  • Calendar Are there days or times that your child spends with another parent or caregiver? Make a calendar for that so that the child can predict what is happening.
  • Homework What is the plan for getting homework done?
  • Family time What is the plan for spending time as a family? Will you have family dinners? Will you read, go on a walk or play games in the evening?

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