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Communication is Important for Connection

Effective communication is the basic building block for strong family relationships.  From the minute that babies begin to utter sounds, they are learning how to communicate.  They are learning how to get the attention of others and how to get … Continue reading

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Growing Community Through Better Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential for building classroom community. Being able to express feelings and thoughts effectively and respectfully, and being able to listen without interrupting or misinterpreting others are skills that need to be taught and practiced. Effective communication begins … Continue reading

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Self-Regulation to Grow Engaged Learners

As educated adults we know that to lead a healthy life we should eat fewer fatty foods, exercise regularly and get enough rest…but we don’t always do it!  That’s because we are all continually developing our self-regulation skills.  Your students … Continue reading

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Growing Children Who Can Calm Themselves

Self-regulation is defined as the ability to manage your emotions and behavior in accordance with the demands of a situation.  It’s the ability to calm yourself when upset, to resist highly emotional reactions to stressful stimuli, and the ability to … Continue reading

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Routines and Getting Ready for Back to School

In most families, summertime means a relaxation of schedules and routines. But…here comes the school year!  It’s time to get back into the swing of routines.  More than just getting everyone out the door on time in the morning, routines … Continue reading

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Back to School and the Importance of Routines

Routines in the classroom help students feel have a sense of order and stability: they invite a feeling of safety and security. Although setting up routines takes time and energy, once routines are established, you can simply refer to the … Continue reading

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Classroom Jobs

School is finally out and the start of the new school year is a safe distance away. If you are like most teachers, part of your brain will be thinking about what little things you might improve in your classroom … Continue reading

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