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Making Amends

We can remember that being sorry is a feeling. Asking children to say, “I’m sorry” while they are still upset or feeling hurt themselves gives a confusing message to both parties. And yet… it is important to teach our children to make amends. What do we do? Continue reading

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From “Mis-takes” to Compassion

It turns out that the distinction between “I made a mistake” and “I am a mistake” is a big deal. When we make a mistake, we may feel bad, but we can learn from what we did. When we come to the erroneous conclusion that we are a mistake, that there is something wrong with us as a person or that we are defective, that becomes the main “learning.” Continue reading

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Making Mistakes… the Great American Freedom

Failure can be an economic tool. As we strengthen our “muscles” to learn from mistakes, we get better at being creative and seeing opportunities. Continue reading

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Consequences or Solutions?

Solutions help children learn from their mistakes – and invite both responsibility and dignity Continue reading

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