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Whose problem is it anyway?

One of the many little posters my parenting instructor used read, “Whose problem is it, anyway?” He tried to teach us to recognize which problems were ours (as parents) and which problems really “belonged” to the children. Continue reading

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Courage and Encouragement

Over the last week, I’ve been reflecting on courage and heroes. I’m noticing again how people who do amazingly courageous things often reject the label “hero” as if only “special people” qualify. Instead, these courageous human beings claim that the action taken was their only option. Continue reading

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A dream for peace in your family

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. His was a dream of peace, justice and equality.
Do you ever have a dream of peace for your family? Continue reading

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What air do your children breathe?

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD We have a lot of “air” stories and jokes at our house including one about the time I was checking out at the grocery store and my then 4-year-old announced (to the WORLD it seemed … Continue reading

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