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Planting Seeds for Responsibility in the Classroom

School can and should play an important role in helping children develop responsibility. The culture of the school is a vehicle for teaching young people how to behave, and it is done in the process of building relationships and learning. … Continue reading

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Growing Responsibility

In today’s society children often have fewer opportunities to develop responsibility. We no longer need them to be important contributors to the family’s economic survival as we once did. Parents often do too much in the name of love, not wanting … Continue reading

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Family Meetings

Family meetings are a powerful tool to build the life skills that we want our children to have.  The family meeting process helps children learn good listening skills, cooperation, mutual respect, and effective solution-focused problem solving.  The consistent practice of … Continue reading

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What Are We Learning?

Submitted by Adrian Garsia Teacher, parent, Positive Discipline Trainer For a long time I have wondered why Positive Discipline is more successful in some classrooms than others, why do some teachers and schools embrace it and others reject it. Why … Continue reading

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Homework Tangles?

The school year is well underway and fall routines are settling in. What is the homework routine in your family? As a parenting coach and consultant to schools I often hear complaints about homework from both parents and from teachers. Each expects the other to take a little more responsibility for homework. Interesting isn’t it? Where is the student in all of this? What can we do to grow the student’s responsibility? Continue reading

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Sharing Work and Play

Quite a few of the families I consult with struggle with the notion of children doing some of the family work. Sometimes it is because it is just plain hard to get your child to set the table or load the dishwasher and we get tired of reminding. Sometimes it is because of a belief that it is the adult’s job to do all of the family work and to let the children play. I think it is better to share both work and play.
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It’s Not Fair!

I’m guessing that I’m probably not the only parent that has heard the complaint “It’s not fair!” from one of my children and recognized that there was some truth in your child’s words. What do you say to a child who has an internal justice meter tightly woven just beneath the skin? Continue reading

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